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Sabercat Lacrosse Club News


Introductions:  Coach Q introduced the coaching staff and the booster club members.  

Overview of LAX:

September - October:  DLC Fall League for both JV and Varsity (Saturdays) Starts September 11 - $150/player Register @

November - December:  Weights and possible practices at the MAC (Miller Athletic Center) Cost $50/player

January - February:  Bubble League in Centennial  (Varsity was on Thursdays and JV on Saturdays); weights; possible practices at the MAC.  Cost estimated at $180/player

February 28, 2022:  Season Starts!

February 28-March 2, 2022:  Tryouts

March 2, 2022:  Rosters are posted

March 3 and 4:  Team practices start.

March 5 and 6:  King of the Rock Tournament for youth *Mandatory participation by players and at least one parent

March 7 - May 15:  Regular Season


JV & C Team most likely combined

Required Gear:

Helmets:  Varsity players must have a helmet that matches the team.  We will make an order as a group and will send out a link to order.  All other players can wear their current helmet if it still is certified.

Chest Pads:  There are new regulations for chest pads and they need to have the heart plate for protection.  We will also make an order for these as a club, and a link will be available.  

Gloves:  There is possibly the opportunity for us to order gloves if enough people are interested.

Cups:  Please, please, do not forget to have a cup, maybe an extra.  They MUST be worn in all games, by all players, at all times.  

Mouth Guards:  Everyone has to have a mouth guard as well.  Again, extra guards in a bag would be beneficial.  You cannot play without one.  Players are not allowed to have clear or white mouth guards.

Sticks:  Having an extra stick and equipment is a good idea.  They get bent, broken, etc.  Coach, and some parents, do know how to string a head.

Other playing requirements:

* Current physical due before 2/28 or player cannot participate until turned in

* Player pack $200/player (includes short sleeve shooter shirt, long sleeve shooter shirt, shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirt, polo and 1/4 zip). Order will open late September. 

* Academic Eligibility - Coach Q gets grades every Thursday and the players can get corrections done by Friday.  At that time, eligibility is set for the next week.   Some parents have more strict standards than the school, and the coaches support that.

Communication:  Please be aware that there are many reasons why there are schedule changes.  We live in Colorado, so weather is a big one.  Coaches will communicate with the players first.  They are in high school, and they can let their parents know.  As soon as the Club knows, we will send out an email, but we know that everyone does not always have access to email, so please ask your kids.  In addition, the players have a Snapchat group going where they communicate about numerous things.  The players also communicate to help make sure that all participants can make it to games, as there are no buses provided by the school district.

Fundraising:  To help keep costs down, SLC does a lot of fundraising.  Our biggest fundraiser is King of the Rock.  This is a two day tournament for youth teams on March 5 & 6th. 

Other fundraising:

* All players are required to sell at least one sponsorship ($600) or donate $250. More information on sponsorships will be sent out towards the end of the September. 

* King Soopers Cards (you can add the Club to your King Soopers card and a portion of your purchases come to us).

Volunteering:  There will be sign up sheets for these

* All players and one parent must volunteer for the King of the Rock tournament.  Players can get some of their community service hours for school doing this.

* King of the Rock organizer

* Senior Recognition

* Stats (take stats during games)

* Announcer at games

* Uniform distribution

* Uniform collection (which includes washing them)

Spring Break Trip:  This will be for the Varsity team.  At this time, Coach Q will talk to the players to see where they may want to go.  Typically, the cost is approximately $1500.   Some costs can be offset by selling sponsorships!

Other Costs (all costs are approximate):

DLC Fall:  $150

Winter League:  $180

Weights:  $50 (free shirt for those who attend regularly)

Helmets:  $215

Gloves:  $150 ($200 value)

CV Gear Bag:  $145 (embroidered with player's last name)

Spring Break:  $1500 (Varsity only)

Player Pack:  $200 (this is also required)

Spring Season (DCSD registration):  $200